Orange Creme Smoothie

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Orange is the color not the fruit in this case.  This smoothie also breaks our 3 color rule for good reason.  The key ingredients are cantaloupe, banana, and… Read More »

Tropical Smoothie

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Want a beach vacation in Belize?  Me too, but it’s not happening right now, so here’s a smoothie. We’ve all done strawberry banana.  It’s a fine staple, but… Read More »

Chicken Pesto Soup

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To really bring out the zest in this recipe, we’re going to marinate our ingredients.  Chop your zucchini, squash, potatoes, carrots, and eggplant.  Place these and your chopped… Read More »

Duck Stew

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Clearly, duck is not a turkey.  Given the expense of duck, this will not be a common featured source of protein.  I also think in taste and texture… Read More »

Sleeping beauty

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You guys are my beauties!  Let’s talk about sleep.  Unfortunately, a nasty side effect of many medications and/or intolerances to food causing gas or pain is sleep loss…. Read More »

Turkey Pizza Soup

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There are tons of notes on this soup.  1)  it contains dairy.  If you have problems with cheese then use a substitute.  I think specialty markets have a… Read More »

Chicken Taco Soup

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As with our other spicy meals, this soup contains lots of sodium.  As I go along, I will give you the modifications. First, pour salt free chicken broth,… Read More »

Split Pea Chicken Soup

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Don’t follow the picture.  Go to a nicer grocery store and buy NO sodium broth or stock.  I know Target carries it.  Some other stores do as well…. Read More »

Sweet Potato Honey Citrus Fish

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Very important note:  this recipe contains both lemon juice and oranges.  I highly recommend you dilute WHILE cooking.  As you know from previous posts, I try to keep… Read More »

Here’s an ostomy Blog

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If you are curious about how other ostomates acclimated to their new friend, this blog may have some answers.  It’s not intended for medical advice, but first hand… Read More »