Q:  Why blend?

A:  Liquids are easier to absorb.  They also have increased exposed surface area to your bowel, so you get more nutrients if you have a short or diseased bowel or have motility issues.  Your bowel does less work to move them.  Solids form chyme (a bolus of food that must be broken down).  The odds that sick bowels can adequately break down food and move it is slim.  This way you can also keep the skins on everything, which is where the predominant nutrients are found.  Skins are notoriously hard to digest.  This method sneaks around that defect in design.


Q:  What type of blender do you use?

A:  We have a KitchenAid KSb560.  I swear by it.  56 ounce capacity with no additional stirring necessary to get a smooth, chunk free dish.  It drastically cut down on blending time and increased quality of mixture.


Q:  Will I get diarrhea?

A:  Considering the people this site mainly caters too, you probably already have diarrhea.  Seriously, NO!  It will actually help thicken your output because you absorb more.  Poop is waste that your body can’t use.  People with IBD, gastroparesis, certain cancers, etc have very poor absorption, so there is much more unconsumed/digested/absorbed food and digestive juices and enzymes in their d-tracts.  There’s your diarrhea.  Because your body is actually getting the nutrients and processing food now, your output will thicken up without constipating you or causing partial obstructions.  Win Win Win!


Q:  How do you store the soups?

A:  Keep them refrigerated or frozen.  Any store like Target or Walmart will sell quart mason jars.  You can get a 12 pack for about $9-$11.  If you buy jars, make sure they don’t have solid lids.  Meaning- there is a cover and a ring to secure it.  This way it vacuum seals after each use and will keep the soups fresher longer.


Q:  Can the soups be frozen?

A:  Yes, just be careful of how you store them if you freeze.  These soups are thick, so it is better to store in plastic jars for freezing.  You may also want to fill the jars about 3/4 full if freezing.  You don’t want to freeze a full glass jar- it will crack.


Q:  Seriously, why are there carrots in everything?

A:  This is designed around the diet I need to survive.  Because I have Crohn’s, which is auto-immune, it causes other AI issues.  Many AI diseases can negatively effect your eyes.  That coupled with medications that can cause blurred or double vision make Vitamin A and Beta Carotene must haves.  Anything orange, would have that benefit, but carrots have a much more subtle flavor and don’t really clash with other ingredients.


Q:  Are you a professional chef or did you go to culinary school?

A:  Absolutely not.  I’m a PhD student in Physics that is continuing on to medical school for Colorectal Surgery (due to my illness.  I need to cure me).  The running joke has always been that for someone who can’t eat I’m an extraordinary baker and chef.


Q:  How do you choose your recipes?

A:  Easy- I pick the dishes I miss the most.  That’s why I encourage you to make requests.  I can’t guarantee it will taste exactly the same, but I’ll get as close as I can for you.  I also can’t promise how quickly I can get your requests up.  There is trial and error involved.


Q:  Who tests your dishes?

A:  Anyone with a spoon that’s near by.  This is predominantly my husband, surgeon, parents, and dogs.  However, friends always like to sample new experiments when they come over.  It goes by a majority vote.  A recipe may not be my favorite, but if the masses enjoy it then it goes live on the site.  I want to maximize your options, but stay true to quality.  I know how much awful stuff you’ve had to choke down.  I would never do that to you (or me).  They cannot shotgun barium or gastrograph like we can, so their palates are much more discriminating.  I can tell immediately if something doesn’t taste right and needs to be tweaked.  The dogs have yet to turn down a soup.


Q:  How does your husband cope with your lack of eating?

A:  He is FANTASTIC!  He is my biggest fan and the mastermind behind everything that’s not cooking or PR.  He set up the store at cafepress.com and has much bigger plans for what this site and I are capable of accomplishing.  I can trust him to give me honest assessments of the soups.  He loves them (so do the dogs).  He still eats real food.  In fact, I still cook for him.  However, he knows when to take one for the team like on our anniversary- he eats soups by candlelight with me.  He wants me to start coming up with blended desserts because I have an uncanny baking ability.  Let’s start getting you guys nutrition before I fatten you up =)