Mary Poppins made a spoonful of sugar famous, however, she missed the mark.  Honey is the real sweetener of choice.  Not only is it predigested (easier on weak bowels) because it comes from bees, it boosts immunity.  Here’s the quick version of why you should choose honey.

Predigestion is key.  That allows the carbohydrates in honey to go straight to helping create tissue and build proteins.  Glucose is used up quickly, hence why people can sugar crash.  The predigested sugars (dextrose and levulose) are longer lasting.  This provides sustained energy for exercise, work, or recovery from a procedure.  It will also give you a little more stamina so use honey to sweeten your breakfast.

It’s antibacterial and immunity boosting powers strengthen the digestive system, which is where most immunity is found.  This will help all around with fighting infection throughout the body.  It also cleanses the digestive system.  It’s power is strengthened by its viscosity (thickness and resistance to flow).  It coats the throat and d-tract.  This can provide some relief to sensitive guts and can help with inflammation.

There are many other debated benefits to honey: helps with sleep, may lower cancer risk, can help with wound repair (because it’s naturally antibacterial).  Any of these may be partly true, but what can’t be denied is that it facilitates building and repair in  your body and boosts your immune system, while coating and soothing your d-tract.