• 8 ounces Vegetable Stock
  • 1.5 cups lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup Orange Juice
  • 1.2 cup Honey
  • 32 ounces Water
  • 5 white fish filets (4 tuna filets)
  • 1 Large Sweet Potato
  • 1.5 oranges
  • 2 medium heads of Broccoli
  • 6 Carrots
  • 3 Red Bell Peppers
  • 2 Yellow Bell Peppers
  • 2 medium/large squashes

Very important note:  this recipe contains both lemon juice and oranges.  I highly recommend you dilute WHILE cooking.  As you know from previous posts, I try to keep the water in recipes to a minimum and have you dilute to taste and desired consistency when reheating.  In this case, I am concerned about the acidity on your tummies from the start.  Also- the Honey is NOT in the picture.  Do not forget it!

I marinated the fish filets in lemon juice for two hours before cooking.  This is optional.  I find they cook better prepared this way and help give a more subtle lemon flavor than the juice alone.  If you aren’t on a tight budget, use tuna instead of your favorite white fish filet.

First- add 1.5 cups of lemon , 8 ounces of vegetable stock, 1/4 cup of orange juice, 1/2 cup honey, and 32-36 oz of water into your pot at a high heat level (8-HIGH).  Ingredients that need the longest to soften are added first, so you want your sliced sweet potatoes in as soon as possible.  You may want to cut it beforehand to ensure there is no delay between creating your broth and adding the sweet potatoes.  Sweet potatoes are harder and less aqueous than regular potatoes, thus take longer to soften.  Leave just the broth and sweet potatoes on high for about 5 minutes.

Now that the sweet potatoes have had some independent time to absorb the liquid and soften, you can add your other ingredients.  Add the fish and peeled oranges next.  When cooked, oranges give a very intense flavor.  I do not recommend adding any zest to the pot (shavings of orange peel).  That will yield an overpowering citrus flavor.

Chop the hardest veggies first.  This means your carrots and broccoli.  Then you may go in whichever order makes you happy.  Squash and Bell Peppers take about the same time to cook.  If you want a sweeter taste, add the peppers first and let them simmer for a few minutes before adding the squash.

Once all the veggies are added, cover, reduce heat to medium, cover, and let it cook for about 10 more minutes.  Stir regularly.  Because the fish gets soft and you are stirring, dicing the fish in the beginning is not necessary.  The fish will break into pieces are it cooks and you stir.  If you use Tuna, you may want to cut them into pieces after they have cooked for a bit.  This recipe is more liquid than others to offset the citrus.  If you want a thicker soup, add pinto beans.  Not only do they complement the fish very well, they add another protein and fiber source.

When blending, follow our 1:1 broth to substance rule.  One ladle of broth per ladle of thick ingredients.  Because this recipe has a larger amount of broth, you’ll get 6 quart mason jars, minimally.  You will possibly get 7 if you add the beans.  As always, the nutritional information given is per mason jar.

This soup has almost no fillers.  It meets your daily needs for fiber and protein, contains almost all vitamins and minerals, and is very low in calories.  Most of the calories actually come from the Honey, so they are in the form of carbohydrate calories.  If you have issues with sugar, don’t worry.  The amount of sugar per bowl is very low, so you can feel confident in this recipe.  We have again created a power meal!  I hope you guys enjoy.  It’s sweet.  It’s sour.  It’s absolutely divine!

Disclaimer: This label is per mason jar serving, and was estimated using Nutrition Data‘s website.