Thank you so much for visiting our site.  This blog pretty much lays out our mission, how we do things, and why we do them that way.

Our mission is simple.  This site is designed to help those that suffer from severe Gastroparesis, Crohn’s, Colitis, Colon or Bowel Cancer, or anyone else who has trouble eating, digesting, and absorbing solid food.  To the moms out there, these dishes are spectacular ways to sneak veggies into your kiddos.  These dishes are healthy, balanced, but most importantly, DELICIOUS!  We want to introduce variety and enjoyment back into eating.  If you’re like me, the thought of consuming solid food may give you PTSD level flashbacks.  Not anymore.  We want to welcome you to a new normal.  You should not have to suffer to survive.

You got the quick and dirty version about me in the “About the cook” section.  I don’t have a colon or ileum (terminal part of small intestine that does most absorbing).  I was sick of supplement shakes, meal replacement shakes, bland diets, and squishy substances that were hypothetically nutritious.  However, I still couldn’t eat solids.  I don’t have enough bowel.  The bowel I do have is dysfunctional and moody to put it politely.  Rather than moping and accepting my fate, I decided to change it.

Here are the general rules these soups follow:

1)  Two sources of natural protein.

2)  At least three colors of vegetables

The Smoothies and Breakfasts tend to just have one source of protein and a little more fat and carbs to give you energy for your day.

All fat in everything will be healthy and usable.  There is never added sugar.  All glucose will be from fruit, honey, or natural sources.  Basically, your body has enough trouble with food that I’m not going to make it worse by giving you fake nutrition.

All protein will have two legs or less.  Meaning it comes from Turkey, Chicken, Fish, or Soy.  You are too sick to eat anything with 4 legs.  It’s too greasy, too high in bad fats, too hard to digest, and can lead to comorbidities (other health problems) you don’t want to deal with.  There will never be ground two legged meat for the same reasons.  The goal is to maximize nutrition while minimizing input.

All skins stay on vegetables and fruit.  That’s where most nutrition is, however, it’s the hardest to digest and absorb.  We overcome this defect of nature by cooking and blending.  It soften the skins and breaks it up so your body doesn’t have to.

I have Crohn’s.  These are Crohn’s safe recipes.  There may be some vegetables you like that never make it into the soups.  Feel free to improvise.  You know your body’s rules and what it can tolerate.  I have to test and survive on these soups, so they follow what my body can handle.

You’ll also notice dishes will post with like ingredients together.  That’s because it’s easier to shop that way.  I’ll mix it up every few weeks.

Thank you again for visiting.  In the individual recipes, I’ll give tips and substitutions.  Watch out for blog entries for more detailed information on why I cook certain dishes or use certain methods and the health value therein.

Don’t forget that I’d love to hear what recipes YOU miss.  I’ll do my best to make them work as a blended meal.

Thanks again for visiting!  Enjoy!