Leave requests in the comment section.  I’ll remind you from time to time that we have this blog open.  I really want your feedback.  This site is designed to make YOUR life better and help you regain what you’ve lost in variety and taste.  Help me help you =)

Great or more universal ideas will go into the mix ASAP.  More unique ideas or those that may take more experimenting and design will probably end up in polls first.  However, I will try to get to every request.

Remember the ground rules:

1)  Meat must come from an animal with two legs or less (poultry or fish) and will always be lean cuts.  No ground meat!

2)  Something I can put at least three different colors of fruit or veggies

3)  These recipes are largely for people with lots of medical/pharmacy bills, so I try to keep ingredients both easy to come by and not too exotic or expensive.  We’ll definitely splurge every now and then, but if the dish requires caviar- it’s not going to happen.  At least, not until I get out of grad school =)

Your personal chef,